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ABAGAR JSC is a modern printing and publishing house

Pre press processes

Thanks to many years of experience and professionalism we are ready to offer everything even to the most demanding clients – from ...

Printing processes

Our field of specialization is full-color offset printing. We have modern printing equipment and leading role in polygraphy.

Post press processes

Our main activity is the production of books (hard&soft cover), textbooks, notebooks, catalogs, advertising materials, etc. We are ...

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ABAGAR JSC – Veliko Tarnovo

ABAGAR JSCVeliko Tarnovo is a modern printing and publishing house with universal possibilities of printing and well-developed publishing activities.

ABAGAR is a successor of Dimitar Naydenov printing house which was established in 1951. It has a 65 – year’s history and has passed through several periods of transition. The company has kept the polygraphic traditions of the past and the innovation of the last years.

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