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About us

ABAGAR JSC – Veliko Tarnovo is a modern printing and publishing house with universal possibilities of printing and well-developed publishing activities.

ABAGAR is a successor of Dimitar Naydenov printing house which was established in 1951. It has a 65 – year’s history and has passed through several periods of transition. The company has kept the polygraphic traditions of the past and the innovation of the last years.

Nowadays the printing house is equipped with modern facilities which allow us to produce almost all the products of the printing industry. The basic economic activity is book production – soft and hard cover, the production of magazines, calendars, notebooks, catalogues and advertising material.

Under the conditions of the market economy, the competitive power is a main distinctive feature of ABAGAR. The high quality of our products and the kept terms of order production are the fundamental criteria of our work.

You can find our products in Romania, Macedonia, Germany, Czech Republic, USA.

Our motto is “Striving for perfection” and it is not chosen accidentally. We are trying to prove it with our work every day. Our client is our business partner to whom we show respect, trust and ethical behavior. The professionalism of the people, the high quality of the printing products and the kept terms are the guarantee for keeping our motto.

Awards of Abagar

National Book Center

A nomination for entire contribution to the national cultural life – 1996 and 1997.

Association of the Bulgarian publishers

A diploma for the best published book – 2004.

Union of the Bulgarian writers

A diploma for publishing acad. Ivan Radoev’s book.

Bulgarian Ministry of culture

A honorary diploma for contribution to the development and popularization of the Bulgarian culture – 1999.

Printing Industry Union Of Bulgaria

A printer of the year – 2008, Marian Kenarov – Ex. Direcor of ABAGAR.